What Clay and Buck Did Instead of Watching the Jan. 6 Show

CLAY: Buck, did you watch any of the January 6 hearings last night?

BUCK: Not a move my friend. I watched “The Terminal List”, based on the book written by my friend Jack Carr. Fantastic, Chris Pratt, recommend it to everyone. Clay, you need to check.

CLAY: I want to check. I had gone out to dinner. Morgan Ortagus, a good time to meet her. And Congressman Jim Jordan was in town. So we all hung out together. I haven’t seen any—and Blake Harris, who does a phenomenal job, former chief of staff to the governor of Tennessee. We had a really fun group hanging out during the evening. I haven’t seen a minute of it.

But, because everyone’s gonna be, like, what about January 6th. Let’s play one of these loons here. Let’s see. Eugene Robinson calls for Donald Trump to be held accountable. Let’s listen to this just so you know what’s going on in the January 6th frenzy.

ROBINSON: What matters now – and, again, I sound like a broken record – but what matters now is how is this man going to be held accountable for what he has done and failed to do. didn’t do, but what he did on January 6th, what he did before January 6th and what he did after January 6th, how is this man going to be held accountable for that ? I just don’t think we can just say, oh, well, now we know all that and move on. There must be an account here.

CLAY: They want judgment, Buck, and one of the Jan. 6 committee members, Rep. Luria of Virginia, a Democrat, is effectively demanding that Merrick Garland launch a criminal investigation into Trump.

BUCK: What would be the charge? That’s what I’d like to ask some of these very ignorant people in television, who unfortunately – just so everyone knows, the barriers to entry for television are, you know, very, very limited in terms of talking about it all. Lots of very stupid people talking about things they know nothing about. They really want to accuse the former president of the United States of what, attempted insurrection? They’re going to use the Insurrection Act, what are they going to do?

CLAY: I think they would probably charge him with some kind of conspiracy to incite. I think there would be a conspiracy charge. I’m not saying it would work.

BUCK: I know, but it’s a big deal, man, it’s a big deal.

CLAY: I agree. I think if Merrick Garland does it, it’s also because he accuses Hunter Biden – I call my shot. I’m sticking to my guns, Buck.