TDOT wants the public’s help in naming four snow plows across Tennessee

Winter is coming and so are the snow plows. Is it just us, or do you walk past a plow and giggle “There’s Betty Whiteout”?

The Tennessee Department of Transportation wants to make your fleeting thought a reality. For the first time, Tennesseans have the ability to name four snow plows to the state fleet.

“Our hard-working snow plows have personality,” the Tennessee Department of Transportation said. “Help us name them!”

The competition, which started on Tuesday, will run until November 30.

The rules:

  1. Names must consist of one or two words
  2. Names should be appropriate and should not contain profanity or inappropriate language
  3. There is no limit to submissions by any person or group, although each name must be their own submission
  4. The name submitted cannot be owned or copyrighted by any other entity such as a movie, TV show, person’s name, or refer to an existing business
  5. Contest is open to residents of Tennessee

Once TDOT collects all submissions, they will begin their review on December 1 and all qualified names will be released to the public. Tennesseans will then be able to vote for their top four.

So what’s it gonna be, Tennessee?

Snowtorious BIG? Snowbi-Wan Kenobi or De-Ice, Ice Baby?

I laugh. These plow names are already taken in other states.

Use your imagination and submit your answers at