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TRI-CITIES, Tenn. (WJHL) – An ongoing News Channel 11 consumer survey continues to provide answers to frustrated customers.

Our previous reports have revealed that a former Johnson City-based outsourcing company called Wood Construction and Remodeling, LLC is accused by at least 30 Tennessee clients of taking thousands of dollars for home repair projects. and leave them unfinished.

In a new development, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is actively investigating the company for allegations of theft by several customers in northeast Tennessee.

Right now Construction Bois website said “business closed” and their Johnson City head office is no longer open.

But despite this, legal troubles continue for the company. It comes as owner Leighton “Joe” Wood’s license agreement in Tennessee was temporarily suspended last month.

Many of the company’s clients say they haven’t heard from their plans for months.

“We paid Wood $ 43,000. Just over $ 43,000, ”said Elizabethton client Kristen Holzer.

Now, as dozens of families like the Holzers demand repayment for their abandoned projects, possible criminal charges for Wood are now on the table due to the recent involvement of the local prosecutor’s offices.

“I discovered the allegations from a report that you all covered,” Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus said of News Channel 11’s first investigative report. , we have received complaints from citizens of Sullivan County. ”

Staubus says he and District Attorney General Ken Baldwin of Northeast Tennessee’s First Judicial District have asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to get involved in investigating the allegations that span multiple counties.

District Attorney General Dan Armstrong of Northeast Tennessee Third Judicial District confirmed to News Channel 11 on Friday that his jurisdiction was also involved in the TBI investigation.

The BIT has confirmed that at the request of Baldwin and Staubus, they are actively investigating allegations made by dozens of Tennessee clients. The next step – district attorneys would be responsible for laying any potential criminal charges against Joe Wood.

“Once the investigation is complete, we will review the report, assess and determine the charges,” Staubus said.

Staubus told News Channel 11 that the scope of the allegations in so many jurisdictions was unusual.

“I have never seen it as widespread as this particular case,” Staubus said.

Kristen Holzer and her husband contracted Wood Construction in March 2021 for an addition to the house. The project is now scrapped eight months later after Holzer said Wood Construction crews started work on his project, destroyed his septic tank and left.

“It’s a long time to come. It’s well overdue, ”said Holzer.

With law enforcement involved, Holzer can breathe a sigh of relief.

“This is definitely a step in the direction we want to take. Hopefully we get our money back and can start this process all over again. We are just delighted to have other people by our side who are going through this with us, the DA the TBI who is going to fight for us, ”said Holzer.

She says that for her and other victims, thousands of dollars at Wood Construction, they want one thing.

“He needs to be charged with theft and he needs to be put in jail,” Holzer said.

Joe Wood’s attorneys released a statement to News Channel 11 in response to the BIT investigation. It reads:

“At this time, we know that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is involved in complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Office against Wood Constriction and Remodeling, LLC. We will continue to cooperate with all state authorities and agencies, but we will not issue any additional statements at this time. We encourage the public not to be in a rush to judge and to remain committed to working with clients to resolve outstanding complaints. “

Lawyers Christopher Rogers, Jason Arthur

Joe Wood is scheduled to appear for a licensing hearing before the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance on Tuesday, November 30 in Nashville. Wood and his lawyers had previously voluntarily agreed to a temporary license suspension. The State Council will review the evidence at the hearing and decide whether Wood’s license should be reinstated or revoked.

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