State Auditor’s Report Details Financial Woes in Parish Town of Allen

ALLEN PARISH, Louisiana (KALB) – The Legislative Auditor’s report released Monday details 18 findings for the town of Oberlin in Allen Parish.

Some of the findings include violations of the Louisiana government’s budget law, failing to keep accurate information about utility payments for citizens, and failing to pay debts on time.

The audit report states that “the City does not have complete and accurate records for customer meter deposits, and meter deposit bank account balances are not reconciled monthly with a detailed list of meter deposits. client “.

In addition, the audit revealed inconsistencies with the city’s cut-off policy for public services. He indicates that Oberlin did not “properly follow its written policies and procedures regarding overdue accounts and proper shutdown procedures to disconnect services related to non-payment of customers,” said the auditor.

Additionally, the audit claimed the city had made several payments – some involving fees. The city has been moored for late payment of bills, late payment of sales tax collections, and late filing / payment of payroll taxes.

“The City has been assessed penalties and interest totaling $ 82 for the late payment of unemployment taxes applicable to the tax periods of December 31, 2018 and March 31, 2019, said the auditor.

In addition, the auditor noted several accounts without adequate financial record keeping.

“The City did not keep accurate financial accounting records during the year, including specific support for disbursements. “

The audit also accuses the city of not preparing bank reconciliations for all months of the fiscal year. These accounts were his emergency reserve for sales tax, his current sewer assets, his reserve of sewer bonds and his contingency of sewer bonds.

The audit also noted four violations of the Louisiana government’s budget law.

  1. Non-compliance with the surety bond
  2. Non-compliance with the finance law
  3. Non-compliance with the finance law – Budget message
  4. Non-compliance with the finance law – Public participation

Also linked to the budget, the auditor said the city failed to release the adopted budget in a timely manner. In fact, he was over 100 days late.

“The City did not publish the amended Fiscal Year 2020 budget adopted in the Official Gazette within twenty (20) days of adoption, as required by LSA RS 43: 144. The notice of adoption of the amending budget for the 2020 financial year was published one hundred and twenty-nine (129) days after the adoption.

During the audit, Oberlin executives described corrective actions for each of the auditor’s findings.

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