reduced unemployment benefits will not count towards staff shortages

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – On July 3, pandemic unemployment benefits offering an additional $ 300 per week to those who applied ended. An economics expert says you shouldn’t expect this to factor into an increase in employment.

Don Bruce is a professor at the University of Tennessee and says there are currently around 165,000 unemployed Tennessees, but only a third of them were on pandemic unemployment benefits. That’s why he believes there won’t be a massive change, and this policy change is more of a statement that Tennessee is open for business.

As Bruce feels this, the management of the S&S Cafeteria, a restaurant in Knoxville, feels different. They say they thought people were comfortable taking that $ 300 a week check and not working saying that now “the gravy train is over”. Management says they need to fill ten positions, and it is not uncommon for some employees to work up to 60 hours per week due to understaffing.

Bruce says another reason you might not see people going for the jobs they see is that over the past year or so, he thinks people have re-evaluated their career choices. career and professional preferences.

The UTK professor says unemployment is now stable and relatively low at 5%.

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