Nashville woman describes when a gun was raised in her direction on the freeway

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – It’s a trend we see over and over again – road rage incidents. So far this year, police have reported nearly 20 cases of road rage in average Tennessee.

Victims have been shot, cars have been damaged, and now there are calls for change.

“I could see them as weaving. It was just, it was just crazy, ”said Natasha Bevel. “They just didn’t care. They just didn’t care. I can’t believe it, I have to save.

It started out as normal driving for Bevel and his girlfriend, which quickly became surprising. Bevel said she pulled out her phone and started recording after seeing the car behind her start to enter and exit traffic. During filming, suddenly, the driver and a rear passenger were seen brandishing guns out the window at Bevel’s car.

“It wasn’t even the fact that they were doing all of this, or that they had their guns out the window. It was the fact that they were semi-automatic rifles, with long, extended clips. I mean, is it legal? Biseau asked.

Last week, two men were charged with aggravated assault after police said they shot a truck driver on Murfreesboro Road. In Franklin, the police are still trying to identify a man inside a white truck. Police said the suspect fired a shot, believed to have come from a pellet gun, which smashed a window on the highway.

” I am discouraged. I won’t say my faith in humanity is lacking, but it’s like, where are we going with this, ”Bevel said.

It’s a dangerous trend law enforcement is trying to tackle – those tantrums that not only affect those affected, but also drivers who can be caught in the crossfire.

“The fact that they were driving with guns and holding him out the window, anything could have happened, and be careful, the driver does too. So that means that for a fraction of a second, because it only takes a second, someone’s life could have been taken, ”Bevel explained.

The Franklin Police Department is offering a cash reward for the information that will lead them to the white truck. Call Franklin Crime Stoppers at (615) 794-4000 if you know anything about the case.

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