Memphis property management company violates state cease and desist order

The Tennessee Real Estate Commission says Management That Cares has been fined nearly $ 20,000 for operating without a license.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – According to the State of Tennessee, Memphis Property Management Company, Management That Cares has not had a valid real estate broker’s license since 2016, but it still does business in Memphis. Almost two months after a the judge ordered Management That Cares to cease operations, a couple from Cordova want to know why they were ordered to move out.

“I am angry. I am angry,” said Chris Cicero, tenant.

Chris Cicero said he and his girlfriend had received a letter claiming they had disturbed the peace and giving them three days to vacate their rental home or face legal action.

“I don’t understand at all why this is all happening,” Cicero said.

According to a Tennessee Real Estate Commission meeting in March 2020, the company was told in 2019 that it had not renewed its license and the owner said it would do so immediately, and at the 2020 meeting it hadn’t.

“Why don’t we just shut them down,” a board member said on video of the meeting. Another board member replied, “Yes, and remove them. “

A third board member said on the video of the meeting, “Why didn’t we hand this over to the prosecutor or whoever?” Can we send it back to the district attorney’s office? “

The board of directors voted a fine on the company and referred the case to the district attorney and opened an investigation into the unlicensed agents of the company.

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ABC24 asked Tom Conlee, owner of Management That Cares, about the letter they center to Chris Cicero.

“We are licensed and have been working in real estate since 1978. A few years ago we moved our offices and we never received our state license renewal notice. We simply ignored its expiration until it was brought to our attention a few months ago. . A fine was imposed that we appealed, and a hearing was held, and the fine upheld. We have now submitted the payment of this fine to the Crown, in full, after which they will have the license reinstated. This should fully respond to our monitoring. “

The fine was paid on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, but the Tennessee Real Estate Commission said it was not that simple.

Here is the press release sent by the TREC spokesperson on Tuesday morning:

“Although we have received the payment, this file is still open and several additional steps must be taken before this file is closed, which leads to:

  • Respond to outstanding complaints
  • New application for authorization to practice
  • Re-test for authorization to practice
  • Appearance before the State Real Estate Commission. “

“Obviously, this company is not playing by the rules,” said Michael Working, Cicero’s lawyer.

Working said his client couldn’t be kicked out of a business that shouldn’t be functioning.

“Management That Cares is really management that doesn’t care and I have no problem saying it,” Cicero said.

According to a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, the state had no real response from Management That Cares until last week, when the owner learned that ABC24 was working on this story.

If you want to check whether a real estate agent or property management company is licensed and legitimate, you can easily search for all types of state licenses online here:

You can also file complaints against companies or individuals here.

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