Memphis Police clarify confusion over Tennessee’s new unlicensed porterage law

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (WMC) – It’s been almost exactly a week since Tennessee’s unlicensed porterage law came into effect.

Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis spoke out openly against the unlicensed porterage law before becoming the department chief less than a month ago. But she intends to keep it.

Davis shared remarks on the law on Tuesday that began with much-needed clarification that not everyone can openly carry a gun in Tennessee with the new unlicensed carrying laws.

“If the person meets the age criteria. Second, the person legally owns the handgun and whether the person is legally present in a location where they are permitted to carry a weapon, ”Davis said.

The Memphis Police Department also tweeted a fact sheet indicating to whom unlicensed transportation does not apply, which includes convicted felons and those who have been admitted to a mental institution in the past seven years. They also tweeted facts about where unlicensed transportation is allowed, which does not include schools, federal buildings and courthouses.

Davis also stressed the importance of public support and reminded people to be responsible gun owners to help fight violent crime.

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