He promised and boy did he keep it

Governor Lee has given West Tennessee a huge opportunity for economic growth with Ford’s new manufacturing plant.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In tonight’s ransom note: I’ve been criticizing Governor Bill Lee a lot lately, but he scored a big blow on Tuesday.

Since his first campaign stoppage years ago on this side of the state, he has vowed to start doing what his predecessors did not. He promised he would make western Tennessee a priority for economic growth.

Tuesday he delivered and on a large scale.

Ford Motor Company’s announcement on Tuesday essentially means that a new city will be built by the time the first fully electric F150 pickup rolls off the assembly line in 2025. It even has a name, “Blue Oval City,” in accord with Ford’s blue oval. logo.

5,800 high paying jobs hired directly by Ford and the battery maker that will be on campus.

21,000 additional indirect jobs by all the companies that will have to open operations here to support the plant.

We’ve had more than our share of pie-in-the-sky announcements during the year. But that’s the real deal, guys. It is the largest private investment in the history of the state.

You can see why Lesa Tard, owner of little Suga’s Diner just three miles from the megasite, is so excited.

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