Four arrested at Nashville Planned Parenthood Clinic – Tennessee Lookout

Metro Nashville police officers arrested four people on Thursday for misdemeanor trespassing at Planned Parenthood.

Authorities have charged Rickey Williams, Bevelyn Williams, Edmee Chavannes and Brea Crum. Three of them were physically arrested at the property except for Crum, who was arrested by citation as she had her infant child with her at the time.

“Today’s extremist activity makes it clear that this is not about abortion,” said Ashley Coffield, CEO of Planned Parenthood Tennessee-North Mississippi. “This is about hate, intimidation and control – period. We warn these extremists and others: your attempts at acts of terrorism are unacceptable and a waste of time, because you will never break our determination to provide the compassionate healthcare our patients need and deserve.

The trespassing arrests come after Planned Parenthood stopped providing abortion care at its two Tennessee sites. The organization has not provided abortion procedures since June 27, but Thursday’s incident marks the second incident targeting women’s health clinics in Middle Tennessee this week.

On Tuesday, protesters tried to block the door of Carafem, a Mt. Juliet clinic offering medical abortions, which are legal until Tennessee’s abortion ban goes into effect Aug. 25.

July 1 — a week after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – officials at the Hope Clinic for Women, a crisis pregnancy center, reported that a window at the Midtown facility had been smashed, a molotov cocktail-type device was found inside and a wall exterior spray painted with the words “Jane’s Revenge”.

Governor Bill Lee, founder of Hope Clinic who remains on the advisory board, tweeted after the vandalism that the act amounted to domestic terrorism. Lee had no comment when the Planned Parenthood building in Knoxville burned down in January.

The governor also released no statement regarding the arrests at Planned Parenthood in Nashville after it happened.

“​​I am extremely grateful for the quick action of our patient escorts, team members, security officers and the Metro Nashville Police Department who stopped these terrorists from entering the building and provided security. of everyone in and around our health center,” Coffield said.

No hearing has been set for the four.