Find leaf pickup dates in East Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – As the fall begins, the leaves will start to fall and many cities will start picking up the fallen leaves.

Maryville and Sevierville will start picking up fallen leaves in October, those in Knoxville and Oak Ridge from November. In Gatlingburg, leaf picking can be scheduled throughout the fall.

Requirements Loose leaf collection

  • Leaves should be near the edge and outside fenced areas
  • Stones, sticks, branches and other debris must be removed
  • Sheets should not be placed on the street to avoid clogging the storm sewers


The Maryville collection begins Friday, October 15. Leaf pickup operates on the same schedule as brush and trash pickup. Each zone will have one pickup per month and the last pickup opportunity will be on January 2nd. The city will also have an additional leaf pickup in the spring. For more information, visit or call 273-3302.


The leaf collection will take place from October 18 to January 28, 2022, in Sevierville. Residents can choose between bagging leaf collection or vacuum leaf collection (loose leaf). The Public Works Department will collect bagged leaves, as well as other bagged garden waste, during garbage / bulk waste collection on a bi-weekly basis. For vacuum leaf collection, the service vacuums lost leaves every two weeks. If you have any questions about collecting the leaves, contact the Public Works Department at 429-4567.


In Knoxville, leaf collection begins in November and continues through February. During this time, the normal two-week brushing schedule is suspended and all service resources are focused on collecting the leaves. To find out when the pickup will be from our street, click here For any additional information, call 311 or 865-215-4311

Ridge Oak

Leaf picking begins Thanksgiving week at Oak Ridge. The leaves inside the plastic bags will also be collected from the curb with the loose leaves. To learn more about leaf pickup, visit


In Gatlinburg, leaf pickup, as well as brush and trash pickup, can be scheduled by calling the Street Department at (865) 430-1370. All brush, rubbish or leaves should be placed near the road, which can be easily accessed by street service employees.

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