FC COVID Toll Rises To 99 | Coronavirus news

Franklin County has now recorded a total of 99 deaths from COVID-19, with one new death in the region reported by the Tennessee Department of Health on Monday.

It was the second COVID death reported in Franklin County in October.

The county now has 7,679 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in total, including 7,357 listed as cured or inactive on Monday, according to data released by the TDH. As a result, there are 223 active COVID-19 cases in the county at the time of writing.

The total number of confirmed deaths from the disease in Tennessee, listed by the Tennessee Department of Health, was 12,235 as of Monday with 3,088 other probable deaths listed.

The Department of Health kept daily statistics with 974,037 confirmed cases statewide and another 263,986 probable cases on Monday.

Statewide coronavirus records are also broken down by age categories.

The age group with the highest number is the 21-30 age group with 215,897 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Tennesséens aged 31 to 40 come next with 193,476, followed by the 11-20 age group with 183,921.

Next come the 41-50 age group with 177,319 cases, followed by the 51-60 age group with 161,375, the 61-70 age group with 113,433, infants to 10 years with 94,918 cases, 71-80 year olds with 64,816 and seniors over 80 with 31,347 cases.

The Ministry of Health lists 1,521 pending cases unrelated to age groups.

In addition to Franklin County, 10,213 coronavirus cases have been reported in Coffee County, 6,470 in Lincoln County, 8,798 in Bedford, 5,576 in Marion, 2,701 in Grundy and 1,402 in Moore.

Nationwide, 43,605,623 had contracted coronavirus and 700,176 were succumbing to the disease, according to statistics released Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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