Family of Missing Michigan Man Found Dead in Tennessee Seeking Justice and Reform

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The mother of a Michigan man who disappeared in September and was found dead in a Tennessee field days later is not only seeking justice in her son’s case, but also seeking to amend laws to help the families of the disappeared. people file reports earlier.

Andrew Anderson, 27, was last seen by his friends on September 21. He told them he was going to Tennessee for work. Five days later, his parents were notified that he had been found dead in a field in Knoxville.

“The owner found our son with only his shirt, shorts and socks. They said they felt like he was left there. Whoever took him or whoever he was with left them there,” says Anderson’s mother, Dawn Anderson.

Anderson said due to police policy, they were forced to wait 48 hours to report her son missing. They were also unable to get his cell phone information to ping his location. She thinks the incident could have had a different outcome if she could have done these things sooner.

“48 hours, for me, we were grieving parents and we knew that was not characteristic of him. To ping a kid’s phone, I know he was 27. He wasn’t 5 or 10 or 12, but he was our child and someone killed our son. And we think we could have found it a little faster,” Anderson says.

Depending on a given police department’s policy, families of missing persons may be asked to wait up to 72 hours before filing a report, according to the Michigan State website.

Now that her son is dead, Anderson wants to work to change the law to help other missing person families be able to file reports sooner and get information like phone records and locations.

“I told my son, I promised him on the last day when I put my hand on his chest at his funeral, I promised him I would fight. I would fight for the laws to be I’m fighting for my son because he’s lost his voice,” Anderson said.

She wrote to the governor of Michigan, a Michigan state representative, and telephone companies to change the law, but received no response. She says she is determined to help others.

“I still feel the pain because I know I will never get it back. I know that. I know where he is. I don’t want another parent to suffer like us,” Anderson said.

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