Curb Records, Mike Curb Foundation sues Tennessee Governor over transgender law


CURB RECORDS and Founder / Chairman MIKE CURB’S MIKE CURB FOUNDATION have filed a federal complaint TODAY (6/30) against TENNESSEE Governor BILL LEE, challenging a new state law (HB 1182) which the plaintiffs claim , “Obliges companies to publish a degrading opinion. in their premises if they have policies allowing transgender access on an equal basis with other customers. The law requires that “businesses and government facilities open to the public display a sign if they allow transgender people to use bathrooms, locker rooms or locker rooms for multiple people associated with their gender identity,” making TENNESSEE the first state in the country to require such signage, according to ASSOCIATED PRESS.

The law specifies the signage “in precise dimensions, a red and yellow coloring and a specific language equivalent to a sign” not welcome “for the customers. [that promotes] a hostile climate for LGBT people in the state and denies them equal access to businesses open to the public as well as employment and education opportunities, ”the complaint states. The label and the foundation also claim that the law “obliges” these companies “to adopt a climate of fear and non-acceptance of LGBT people”.

“It is outrageous that the government is coming to force me to send such a derogatory message to my employees and customers,” CURB said. “My grandmother, ELOISA SALAZAR, faced incredible discrimination growing up on the border between MEXICO and the United States, and her experience shaped the values ​​of my family and my business. Our foundation has been dedicated to inclusion and non-discrimination, including for LGBT people, from day one. It’s hard to believe that our LGBT community in TENNESSEE is under assault by so much harmful legislation, much of which is signed by Governor LEE, at a time when our country needs to come together more than ever. “

LEE signed the bill in MAY, and it is expected to come into force TOMORROW (7/1). The complaint was filed in the US DISTRICT COURT for the MIDDLE DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE.

CURB is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ + rights (NET NEWS 5/15). His label and foundation have provided grants and gifts totaling over $ 100 million to TENNESSEE to support education, historic preservation, people experiencing homelessness, and many other civic and charitable initiatives.

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