Civil rights groups sue Tennessee’s ban on transgender sports – JURIST – News


Civil rights groups filed a complaint Thursday on behalf of a transgender boy barred by Tennessee law from joining his high school boys’ golf team.

Costume challenges SB 228, which requires a college or high school student’s sex, for the purposes of interschool athletics, to be determined by the sex assigned to the student at birth, as shown on the birth certificate. The bill was passed by the Legislature in March and was promulgated by Governor Bill Lee. SB 228 is one of several bills in Tennessee that limit transgender rights.

The lawsuit, filed by Lambda Legal and the ACLU, alleges that SB 228 was not enacted with the ostensible purpose of protecting girls in sport, but “was part of a wave of legislation in Tennessee and across. the country targeting transgender people for disapproval and exclusion from full participation in society. The lawsuit claims the law discriminates on the basis of sex and gender status in violation of Title IX and the equal protection clause under the Fourteenth Amendment. The boy Luc Esquivel and his parents seek to definitively order the application of the law.

Luke said in a press release, “I cannot control the law that was passed, but just because it was passed doesn’t mean it was fair. He urged other trans youth “to stand up for what you believe is right and stand up for yourself.” Nothing gets done if you don’t do anything about it.


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