Chattanooga Natives Open Cereset Franchise to Promote Brain Health and Wellness Locally

In an effort to help Chattanooga residents relax and enjoy life to the fullest, area natives Chase and Katie Whitmire opened Scenic City’s first Cereset franchise.

Located in the historic downtown James Building on Broad Street, Cereset is a wellness experience that helps individuals relax their brains to manage stress, restore hope, and finally achieve restful sleep using patented technology. Neuromodulation BrainEcho that allows the brain to reset when it hears and “sees”. its own reflection, officials said.

“After a close family friend experienced Cereset in a life-changing way, Katie and I were thrilled when the opportunity presented itself to bring this technology to our hometown of Chattanooga, said Mr. Whitmire. “Although our family has lived in Madrid, New York City and Northeast Tennessee for the past 20 years, our hearts have always been here in Chattanooga. We are thrilled to be back and look forward to helping our neighbors to experience the value and freedom that Cereset can bring to their lives.”

Through an innovative, non-invasive brain balancing process, Cereset’s all-natural approach uses advanced sensors to detect brain frequencies and software to translate brain rhythms, which resonate as audio tones played back to the client. This BrainEcho process happens in real time between the computer and the brain to produce a relaxed brain, which helps the brain rebalance itself, officials said.

To celebrate the grand opening of Cereset Chattanooga, Mr. Whitmire is offering an introductory special to give Chattanoogans a chance to see first-hand how Cereset’s patented technology can “balance their brains and restore hope and happiness, free blocked stress, improve learning and memory, support restful sleep, and ultimately increase energy and performance.”

“I know the difference Cereset can make in a person’s life, and I want others to experience this change as well,” said Mr. Whitmore. “Through this special introduction, clients will receive a 50-minute assessment that includes an orientation with me to learn more about Cereset, a basic brain observation, their own personal brain index, and a recommended action plan. A Balanced Brain is a happy, healthy brain, and I can’t wait to see how lives will be transformed for the better.”

The Chattanooga site joins Cereset’s franchise network, which operates in more than 25 states across the country. To date, Cereset and its legacy technology have been used successfully by over 160,000 customers worldwide.

More information about Cereset Chattanooga is available by calling 654-7310 or emailing [email protected]