BrightRidge officials respond to county in zoning dispute | New


A hearing in a litigation filed by Washington County in Chancellery Court seeking an injunction against BrightRidge in response to a zoning dispute involving a bitcoin mining operation has been postponed until next week.

Meanwhile, the energy authority’s board on Tuesday released a statement in which Chairman James Smith said he believed BrightRidge to be one of the county’s “best allies in promoting development. economic and community “.

He also noted that he and his colleagues were disappointed that the county was turning to the courts to settle a dispute over Red Dog Technologies’ cyber mining operation in the community of Limestone.

“We would have preferred a non-contentious solution to the current disagreement and do not believe that all other possible solutions have been explored,” Smith said in a statement released a day after the board of directors learned of the county case. “But we will respond to the trial and follow the legal process required of us.”

Chancellor John Rambo has accepted a request from BrightRidge’s attorney to move a hearing on a county motion calling for a restraining order to Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Rambo was scheduled to hear a motion today seeking an injunction against BrightRidge to prevent the utility from continuing to operate on the property he owns at 1444 Bailey Bridge Road.

Washington County alleges that a Red Dog-supervised bitcoin mining operation at the site does not comply with an authorized “utility” zoning use for the property under the country’s land use regulations. county.

The complainant also notes in his complaint: “BrightRidge is making the problem worse by refusing to cease operations following repeated written and verbal requests and referring Washington County to BrightRidge’s business partner, Red Dog Technologies LLC. Washington County has no relationship with this entity or any other BrightRidge business partner, and Tennessee law authorizes this honorable court to enter a valid executive order settling the rights between Washington County and BrightRidge.

In a statement from BrightRidge, the utility said Jeff Dykes, its general manager, responded to the county with a letter on September 30 in which he noted that an earlier letter from Washington County Planning Director Angela Charles, informed BrightRidge that it had 30 days to go out of business at Limestone “should have been addressed to the lessee and operator of the facility, Red Dog Technologies”.