Active shooter training held in West Tennessee

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. – A community prepares for the worst-case scenario.

The Dickson Police Department was in Benton County on Thursday helping local first responders prepare for what they call an active murder event.

They discussed the standard response protocol. This includes how to react to a threat and learning the difference between an active killer and a barricaded subject.

Dickson Police Captain Todd Christian says they teach this training in Dickson every year, but after the Uvalde shooting they are expanding to other communities.

“The State of Tennessee launched an app. It’s called SafeTN. It’s an anonymous app or reporting system that reports to Homeland Security, and they would alert if it was in that area or in Jackson. They would alert the responders there that there was a threat, and then they would start investigating on their end with Homeland Security, Christian said.

Authorities say it is crucial for teachers, students and family members to alert authorities and school administration when they hear or see a potential threat in their community.

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