What Would a Loan-Free World Look Like for Negative Individuals


The cost of living in Brazil has been increasingly high and, oddly enough, the minimum wage does not keep up with this increase. Because of this, many people have had difficulty paying their bills on time and purchasing new movable and immovable property. Fortunately, there is a loan for a negative individual.

This loan ensures that you can resort to this type of service even with the dirty name, and pay your bills or make major purchases. But just imagine if there was no such possibility and you had to turn around in your thirties? Where would you get the money from? It is about this imaginary scenario that we will talk about today.

Why are so many people owed and how long does it take to clear the dirty name?

Why are so many people owed and how long does it take to clear the dirty name?

According to the CPC and CNDL, in 2017 the year was closed with approximately 60.2 million Brazilians with the dirty name, due in the square. And of this number, 25% of Brazilians are negative for an unexpected reason: health reasons (or lack thereof).

As most Brazilians have no health insurance, and rely exclusively on SUS for consultations and (often urgent) exams, they find themselves trapped and end up using their savings, credit card or even applying for a loan to cover medical expenses, medicines and etc.

However, they can not afford to pay these debts, which can turn into a snowball in the long run, since once your name is dirty, it is difficult to get up and turn around. In addition, few banks approve credit requests to negative people because their credibility is low and the bank does not want to risk unpaid.

In this case there is only one option left: the loan to the negative individual. But what if he didn’t exist? You would, according to the Consumer Protection Code, have to wait 5 years to remove your name from SPC, Serasa and SCPC. Imagine having to wait for 5 years to reorganize your financial life?

In addition, many other doors would close, making it impossible for you to solve your problem and may never get out of this complicated situation. In the next topic we will see in what ways you could be harmed.

What could happen if the loan for negative individuals no longer existed?

What could happen if the loan for negative individuals no longer existed?

What if there were new emergencies? Where would you get the money from? It would have to depend on someone’s solidarity to borrow, whether from a friend or family member, at the risk of no one having the full amount (if it is too high) or unwilling to lend for fear of not being paid back.

Or, you would have to sell something of yours to try to get the value you need, like your car or something with emotional value. Imagine how terrible this situation is. No one wants to have to give up their stuff to pay off their stuff, right?

It is extremely difficult to imagine a world without a loan for negatives, as it is a hand in hand, the gateway to the financial organization whose name is dirty. Without it, things would happen this way:

  1. You would be extremely indebted
  2. The quality of life would decline greatly
  3. You would have to borrow from friends or family
  4. Your credit could be denied at most banks.
  5. You would have to sell valuable things to pay off your debts.
  6. You could not achieve most of your dreams for lack of money.
  7. You would receive daily charge calls
  8. You would have to wait 5 years to get your name cleared again.
  9. You could be so tight that you have to choose between buying food or paying your bills
  10. The stress level would go up, disrupting your professional and personal life, and even your relationships.

With this list you can already get a sense of the chaos that would be a life without the loan for the negative, right? And we don’t want it for anyone. Everyone deserves to have a new chance to get organized financially and have a happy and peaceful life. Good thing Astro offers this option and can help you get out of the red quickly.

How Astro Finance Can Help People With the Dirty Name

How Astro Finance Can Help People With the Dirty Name

Astro Finance specializes in loans. We are a company that connects you to the best financial institutions, always showing the best way to apply for your credit. Our mission is to facilitate the entire loan process by helping to define the conditions, type of loan and bank that best suits your needs.

Best of all, Astro trusts you and can guide you even if you are negative, after all, if you are looking for a loan, it is because you intend to settle your financial life, right?

So nothing fairer than having all the advice you need to do, besides paying off your debts and making your dreams come true, to be able to reorganize your earnings and expenses by applying your money wisely. So you can take that trip you’ve always wanted, buy a car, own a home, have health or cosmetic surgery, and even create savings for your children.

With this vote of confidence, we hope to be the solution you are looking for when you are tight and in need of urgent money. With the bad debt loan you can secure a deposit to your account quickly, without even having to go to a bank or financial institution, doing the whole process online. Don’t worry, we do everything confidentially and your data will be safe.

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