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small Loan is a correspondent bank, ie it acts directly as an intermediary between customers and the bank. This activity makes it much easier to get credit directly to the individual, however, it can only be practiced by legal entities that are authorized directly by the Asload bank, such as small.

Founded in 2014, small is a groundbreaking finance company, as it offers a service like ours 100% online without you having to leave your home. From the process of requesting your credit until the time of deposit is made directly to your account, everything is done without having to move anywhere, either to the bank or to the finance company.

The big difference offered by small, when compared to other bank correspondence agencies, is its ease and flexibility when making your loan completely online. All you have to do is choose the amount you want, fill in all the data with your information and wait for your credit to be approved within 48 hours.

Is small loan really reliable?

Is small loan really reliable?

On a daily basis it is necessary to take certain precautions and also caution so as not to end up falling into some tempting delusional offer. It is extremely important to always be aware of all the risks of online scams and scams, especially in proposals where money is easy and also fast.

Making a loan with small, however, is reliable and extremely secure, as small is one of the correspondent bank agencies that are authorized to operate by the Asload Bank of Brazil.

This authorization, in fact, is only offered to legal entities, agencies and companies, which are within all extremely stringent parameters of our legislation and, moreover, these agencies are constantly monitored and reviewed by the appropriate legal bodies.

small always does all its activities in a very safe and transparent way. Before you contract with them, small will show you all the cost included in your requested loan, from the monthly interest rate, the CET, the total effective cost, the rates and also the taxes.

You will be completely aware of the total amount of the payment that must be made on the loan you have taken. This way, your personal data that is sent to the site is protected by cutting-edge technologies adopted by small. You can check directly in your browser for a small green lock that serves to demonstrate the security of the site.

What are the advantages of choosing small

What are the advantages of choosing small

100% Online Loan: With small you will be able to make your loan without ever having to leave home. To make the request simply fill in the data with your personal information. After that, just wait for the approval, which usually occurs quickly.

Money in account within 48 hours: Once you have approved your request, money will be deposited directly into your account in a matter of a few hours. small is committed to making the deposit always promptly and fairly.

Loan for negatives: If you can fit within the broader requirements, you can apply for a negative loan with small.

You now know everything no one has told you about small loan, and you can make your own decision if this is the ideal place for you to make your personal online loan without having to leave home. But always remember to plan the loan very well so as not to have future headaches!

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