Loans without guarantees

Let’s face it: obtaining a loan without guarantees is a really difficult task. The question to ask is: would I lend money to someone without him giving me a solid guarantee on their return? Basically this is the question that banks and financial companies ask themselves when a customer asks them for a loan. If the guarantees are missing, the financing procedure is certainly rejected.

So: how do you get a loan if you have no guarantees to offer? In this guide, we suggest some possible solutions to this problem. Those who have in the past been reported as bad payers registered with the CRIF can also take advantage of the following indications.

Loan without guarantees: really sure you don’t have one?

Loan without guarantees: really sure you don

Premise: as said, no financial or bank disburses any loan without guarantees as in the short term they would most likely go bankrupt due to the huge losses they would face. This concept must be absolutely clear, and it is also valid for a small loan of 1,000 USD!

However, this does not mean that you have to give up, in fact, if the amount of money you intend to borrow is modest, the chances of obtaining a mini loan are there and are sufficient to justify the request at the various credit institutions operating on the territory, as well as the financial ones that provide fast online loans.

Unsecured loans for unemployed

Unsecured loans for unemployed

Yes, even those who are unemployed can access small loans, as long as they can prove that they can repay the loan. Below are some examples of possible other alternative forms of collateral that banks and financial institutions take seriously.

The premise is that an unemployed person sometimes has rents or possesses valuable assets. Let’s see 3 concrete examples of alternative forms of collateral for obtaining a personal loan.

1. Rental income

Well yes, even if you do not have a paycheck, an economic income deriving from a rented premises, can represent (if the requested amount is compatible), an acceptable guarantee for applying for and obtaining a loan.

For certain information, we contacted Astro Finance (which we thank for your kind collaboration) through the toll-free number, very kindly, the operator explained that, in these cases (rental income), they are available to evaluate the disbursement of a personal loan. The conditions for this request to be considered are:

  1. that the rent is equal to or greater than 500 USD per month;
  2. that there is a regularly filed rental contract;
  3. bank statement (half-yearly minimum) where the rent collection operations are recorded;
  4. that we have the unique model of the previous year in which we declared an income above 6000 USD
  5. that the age threshold of 75 has not been exceeded.

If you are interested in applying for this loan, know that it is necessary to contact a customer center or a Astro Finance agent and arrange a meeting at one of their offices located throughout the country.

To find out how to find the agent that operates in your area, Astro Finance has made this web page available where, by entering the region to which it belongs, you can find the information to contact a local manager directly and make an appointment.

Astro Finance will evaluate the situation and within a few days (after making the necessary investigations), will communicate the outcome of the loan application.

2. Find a guarantor

Thanks to the signature of a guarantor, even those who have nothing or almost nothing to offer as collateral, can try to apply for a personal loan. Needless to say, the guarantor must have a more than solid financial position.

If you cannot prove that you have an income in the first person, it is clear that the bank or financial company considers this operation very risky, which is why it will do everything to protect itself. Sometimes it is possible that the same asks the guarantor for a pledge to guarantee the perstito. However, it is worth trying because especially if the amount requested is modest it could be an excellent solution.

Again, we took advantage of Astro Finance customer service by asking for more information about a loan request without personal guarantees but with the availability of a guarantor.

The operator confirmed that even in this case Astro Finance is interested in evaluating this request by appointment with the area manager

So if this is your case, don’t give up, with a guarantor you can ask and probably get a personal loan.

3. Loan with pledge

Another opportunity is represented by what is called a ” pledge loan “. In this regard, you can take for example CustoValue which, after evaluating the precious asset (usually we speak of gems, gold, platinum), disburses money in a very short time. Subsequently, if you are unable to return the money received, the precious asset is sold at auction.

This type of loan is easy to obtain but it must be said that the valuation of the asset left as a pledge will be much lower than its real value. If the operation does not encounter problems, it can be a possible solution, otherwise if the sum cannot be repaid, a value much higher than the loan received will be lost.

When you have a fixed-term job

Very often, there is a tendency to believe that a worker with a fixed-term contract is among those who are unable to apply for a small personal loan. Fortunately, things are not exactly like that, let’s see why.

The world of work has changed a lot in recent years, more and more people have fixed-term employment contracts, which is why financial and banks have structured themselves to welcome this type of clientele, provided they meet some basic requirements.

The requirements for a loan are: not to be enrolled in the CRIF as a bad payer, an employment contract (even if, as mentioned, this is a temporary job), identity document, tax code, certificate of residence.

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