Interesting credit statistics for negatives

Nowadays official data on default has shown that the Brazilian, in fact, is a good payer. In fact, overdue debt has already decreased by 12.27% nationwide in the last year, taking into account debts with financial, credit cards and banks, according to Serasa indicators. This talks a lot about credit for negatives.

Overall, credit represents a significant value in our GDP, but it is not yet as large as credit in more developed countries, where it easily exceeds 70%. However, these statistics often neglect people who renegotiate their debts, as well as those who pay only the minimum of their cards.

Is credit for negatives really part of the daily life of Brazilians?

Is credit for negatives really part of the daily life of Brazilians?

Truth be told, credit in this format really is inherent in the daily life of the Brazilian people. It turns out that many people end up being neglected by sheer carelessness, which creates the need for a specific line of credit for them so they can pay back what they owe and restructure.

Many people see this as extremely negative, and the percentage is much higher than imagined. Across Brazil, many families end up in debt without having to control these expenses, all for one reason or another.

Sometimes it’s bad financial education, sometimes it’s crisis or even unemployment. For whatever reason, credit for those who are negatives is present, and often necessary, in the life of those who have to face problems on a daily basis.

How to get out of red once and for all

How to get out of red once and for all

Remember that the credit lines for those who are negative usually have extremely high interest and rates, which you are just scared to look at. Because of this, we at Astro Finance reinforce and always remind you how important it is to plan your finances.

A small table with all expenses and earnings, discriminating everything that is used in sectors such as home, food and entertainment. This table will help you determine what is superfluous in your life and what you can cut from your spending without affecting your life in a more basic term.

Being able to do this, you can make a complete financial plan of how you will get your financial health back, being able to project your spending every month, organize your bills to accommodate a secure loan that will help you pay off your bills, and then reassure yourself. while you pay more quietly what you owe to the bank, or to the financial agency in question.

The problem lies in people not having the proper financial education and considering lending as a bad thing. If used properly, lending can get you out of a situation that would otherwise be extremely complicated to deal with, saving you time, your health, and your money.

It is easy to get into debt in Brazil, even though banks have strong demands on lending. By paying only the minimum of the card, in less than three months, you are completely dead end if you do not know how to balance your spending.

A lot of people fall into this problem for not knowing what they are doing, and just keep spending and never paying off the debt. Make good financial planning, organize your debts, your expenses, and your earnings to be able to deal with your problems without having to use any special negative credit line.

Credit for negatives is a last minute option to save yourself, and you have to know how to choose the right time to make use of this weapon without ending up in the percentage of indebtedness in Brazil.

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